The Louisiana Governor’s Mansion

Since it was built in 1963, the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion has been the official residence of nine Louisiana governors. Beginning with the administration of Jimmie Davis, the mansion has served as a home to the First Family of Louisiana and a place to conduct state business. Additionally, the mansion serves as the headquarters of the non-profit organization, the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion Preservation Foundation. The mansion requires a robust staff to execute daily operations, and the First Lady’s staff operates within; thus, the mansion serves as a means of employment for an entire team of dedicated workers.

Besides the test of time, the mansion has withstood hurricane-force winds, flooding, and tornadoes. At the entrance of the mansion is a memorial to those Louisianans who served our country in combat. Past the memorial, a wrap-around stone porch surrounds the entrance. Inside, historic artwork adorns the walls of the mansion’s interior, as well as custom-made pieces from local artists. An ornate chandelier hangs from the ceiling, illuminating portraits of past governors who have resided in the mansion. Pieces of historic memorabilia are also given prime of place in the drawing room and the sitting room. Outside, a hand-crafted, specially-made fountain sculpture serves as the centerpiece for the lush rose garden.